The Mitchell On Premise Liquor Rules


No outside beer, wine or alcohol is permitted on the premise. If said product is found on premise, it will be disposed of by management. No foam or to go cups are to be brought into the premise and if brought in, they are subjected to be check by management.

Only on rare occasions, wine may be brought in, but a corkage fee will apply of $10.00 per bottle

This applies to all on premise events held at The Mitchell and any off-premise functions we hold the liquor insurance for. By signing this contract, you agree to these terms.


Bartending Services

Christine’s Unlimited

 Independent Contractor Agreement

Contractor is hereby engaged to provide the following bartending services during the (function) described on Exhibit A to this Agreement: (1) follow measures to ensure that only persons of legal drinking age are served alcoholic beverages; (2) exercise discretion in serving alcoholic beverages to guests and refuse to serve alcoholic beverage to any guest if the Contractor believes that such guest is acting in a manner that could be detrimental to either the guest, or other persons; and (3) comply with the Rules (as defined below).


Christine’s warrants and represents that all bartenders provided by Christine’s: are familiar with all state, local, university laws, regulations, policies and guidelines applicable to the serving of alcohol at the function (the “Rules”); (1) will perform their duties in accordance with the Rules; and (2) will not consume or use illegal substances or alcoholic beverages while performing their duties.


Compensation. Christine’s will be paid upon a per-job basis in accordance with Exhibit A and will Be solely responsible for paying Christine’s employees.


ABC Board off Premises Licensees.

No ABC Board off

premises licensee, employee, or agent thereof shall sell, furnish or give any alcoholic beverage to any Person if such person appears, under the totality of the circumstances, to be intoxicated.

No ABC Board off

premises licensee, employee, or agent thereof shall consume alcoholic beverages during the individual’s working hours.

No ABC Board off

premises licensee shall allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed on its premises that have not been purchase through Christine’s

Any outside alcohol found on the premise or is suspect of beginning poured during the event, the event will be shut down and the a fine of $500.00 per infraction will occur


4. Miscellaneous. This Agreement (including Exhibits) contains the entire agreement between the parties, and no amendments, changes, additions, or qualifications may be made or will be binding unless made in writing signed by both parties.


Insurance Fee Flat Rate for Beer, Wine & Liquor $275.00

Bartender Fee per 75pp $150.00 (4-hour time limit) Beer & Wine Only

Bartender Fee per 50pp $150.00 (4-hour time limit) Beer, Wine & Liquor

Cash Bars-Prices are based on each event

All events serving alcohol, must have a security guard on property. This is done through Christines Unlimited and added to the final bill. The Rate is $35.00 per hour. 


Wavier of said insurance will be on premise at the time of event

Payment terms:

All beverage will be subject to 9% tax, also if extra servers are need do to long cocktail hour a flat fee will be charged per server. A $500.00 deposit on the event is required and is non-refundable to hold the date of the function. Group guarantee must be received at least seven (7) days prior to the function. If a guarantee is not received the estimate count becomes the guarantee for minimum billing purposes.


Cancellation by Client / Venue / Acts of God

All prepayments and deposits are returned in full (less 25% of estimated service deposit) if the event is canceled by Client, the venue or by an act of God, 180 days or more, from the event date. Client must provide a written notice of cancellation to the Caterer for said event.

If the event is canceled, between 180 days and 90 days from the event date, all prepayments and deposits are returned to Client in full (less) the $275-dollar insurance fee. If the event is canceled, within 60 days of the event date, the deposits are non-refundable and 50% of prepayments are return. If the event is canceled less than thirty (30) days prior to the event, then the all deposits and prepayments are non-refundable. If the function is canceled 14 working days prior to the event, then 50% of the total beverage will be billed. If the event is canceled less than 7 working days prior to the event, then the full beverage estimates will be billed


Payment Method

All prices quoted are based on cash, direct deposit or check, Check payments are due (14) days before the event date. If credit card is used than credit fee will apply up to 3.5%


Payments must be made in the form of a money order, cashiers or company check, cash or by credit card (American Express, Visa and MasterCard are accepted). Personal checks will be accepted but the reservation will not be binding until the check has cleared the bank. There is a $50.00 fee for bounced checks. A credit card will be required to be on file the day of the event to cover excess charges that may accrue.

Beverage Policy